Best Menswear Moments of 2011

Jay-Z and Kanye West Push Hip-Hop Towards High Fashion

Yves Klein blue, Naples blue, blogger blue—call it what you want, but it was the color of menswear's summer.

Hong Kong has always been the spot to cop super-cheap bespoke, but in a short period of time, a handful of designers have changed the game.

Ryan Gosling becomes a style icon, everything Gosling puts on this year went triple platinum. 

Menswear Blogging Gets a Boost.

Italian tailoring swooped in this year and squashed Americana's stranglehold on mainstream men's fashion.

Women in Menswear

Menswear magazines,  have begun investigating alternative revenue streams. Print x Retail "experience": to sell exactly what you see on the page. 

A simple progression: "We love street style." "Give us more street style." "Whoa, too much street style." The impossible almost happened this year, when dudes started tried too hard and everyone and their mother bought a camera and and started thinking they were Scott Schuman.

Bieber freestyling, allegedly fathering a child, and wearing expensive Japanese sportswear... does this mean he's a rapper? Well, yes, actually.

Man-Jewelry Becomes Mewelry

Alexander Wang is not technically "new," but throwing his hat into the menswear game he is.

Designers talking and dressing real reckless. Lagerfeld and Galliano = favorite menswear Halloween costumes.

Nick Wooster goes mainstream. My mom asked me who Nick Wooster was the other day. 

The Internet, as it has for sports, television, and everything, has democratized the world of men's clothing. Guys are as obsessed with the way they look as they ever have been. And men's style has never been bigger in the public consciousness than in 2011. 

A Internet, bem como o desporto, a televisão, e tudo mais, democratizaram o mundo da roupa masculina. Os homens estão tão obcecados com a sua aparência como nunca, e o estilo masculino nunca esteve tão em alta na consciência pública como em 2011.

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