Vogue Princesses

I saw these images in a friend's blog and I could not resist to publish them. 
I love illustrations and if we combine that with Disney princesses plus the glamorous Vogue style, we get fabulously fantastic covers!
The princesses are designed by Dante Tyler Brown that has having much attention lately due to these Vogue covers illustrations.
I was always a fan of Jasmine and Ariel, what about you, which one is your favourite princess?

4 comentários:

  1. ahah "when vogue meets de fairy tales!"

  2. Bem a minha favorita de todas as princesas sempre foi a Jasmine por razões étnicas lol, mas tb nestas covers foi a que mais gostei **

  3. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is an amazing post both disney & fashion! i mean...wow (ok i am a really big fan of both Disney + fashion sooooo.....)
    but even regardless this post you blog is really fantastic! bravo!=D